Does your 401k Plan have an Emergency Exit?

By John Berzellini

Without going into the evolution of the 401k plan, I can say with confidence that the defined contribution plan design in large part has failed many hard working people.

This failure creates an atmosphere fear and confusion that can subject employees to ruin in their golden years. The reasons for our situation are many; however, our educational system and complicated 401k plan rules are major contributing factors.

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Viewpoints from AAM – The Case for a Strong 2014 Municipal Market

I have been recommending a transition from corporate bond portfolios to municipal bond portfolios since mid 2013, and today read a new scary article published by the New York Times concerning state pension liabilities. Fortunately yesterday 2/24/14, I was notified that our friends at AAM published a blog article reinforcing my recommendations to high tax bracket clients seeking reliable income streams.

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Thinking of Hiring an RIA? 10 Things You Should Know.

I’ve authored several articles explaining the benefits of a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) client relationship, and how the RIA client relationship differs from the bank advisor or stock broker relationship.

Recently Charles Schwab in conjunction with “RIA Stands For You” permitted JBA to share the following link to a reprint of a Wall Street Journal article on the same subject:

Thinking About Hiring an RIA? 10 Things You Should Know
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Managing Retirement Income Cash Flows at JBA

By John Berzellini

When deciding how to take income from their portfolios, persons in or nearing retirement are faced with an increasing variety of investment strategies, insurance products, and asset allocation plans designed to meet income needs during retirement. It seems as though we are at a point where the proliferation of investment strategies and financial products is creating more confusion than solutions.
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Premium Bonds

JBA offers Advisors Asset Management (AAM) managed bond portfolios as a standalone investment opportunity. These bond portfolios from time to time own bonds purchased at a premium.

In his article “Why Would Anyone Pay a Premium for a Bond?” AAM’s Mark Gregg; VP, Portfolio Analytics
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Dynamic Asset Allocation and Monte Carlo Simulation, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

By John Berzellini

The combination of Modern Portfolio Theory, the Brinson Study, index funds, Exchange Trade Funds (ETF), derivatives and recent stock market volatility has caused a proliferation of an investment strategy called Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA). Continue reading

Advisors Asset Management – Strategic Times: The 2012 Annual Review and our best ideas for 2013.

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Why Don’t We Get a Market Rate of Return On Our Investments?

By John Berzellini

The 2011 spread between the average investor return and the S&P 500 return was 7.85% (see Dalbar on left side bar). As usual, the S&P 500 Index outperformed the average main street investor. Continue reading

Another Wall of Worry

by Weston Wellington, VP Dimensional Fund Advisors
Reprinted with the permission of Dimensional Fund Advisors
By John Berzellini

We believe the financial media’s ravings, whether financial exuberance or doom and gloom, are a major factor contributing to the average investor’s subpar returns. In his most recent article (below) Weston Wellington points out stock prices are on the rise while the financial media is in its doom and gloom mode. Want to be a successful investor? Tune them out!
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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Economic Armageddon

by Scott Coyler, CEO Advisor Asset Management
Reprinted with the permission of Advisors Asset Management
by John Berzellini

In his most recent blog article, “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Economic Armageddon” Scott Colyer, CEO Advisor Asset Management; reminds us of three absolute truths; Death, Taxes and Don’t Fight the Fed.
We may not be able to do anything about death and taxes, but let’s make sure our portfolio manager isn’t picking fights we can’t win!
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